Jyoti's Courses

Following training courses have been given:

Storage Tank Inspections

A  3-day course (6 sessions) given for various companies including: Brunei Shell, DEVAS Dubai, Carthage Power Company, Tunisia. And many others …

Piping Inspection

A 5 days course given for Quest, Bengaluru

Piping Design

Course given to HPCL, Pune

Centrifugal Pumps

Half day course given at Abu Dhabi Tank management Summit

Full 2 days course at Singapore

In house courses at Singapore, Dubai, Indonesia, etc.

Free Webinars

Jyoti Swarup has given many free webinars on various topics, namely, Fluid Flow and Piping, Centrifugal Pumps Selections, and Storage tank Design & Inspections. Those have been attended by participants from many countries including India, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, etc.