Welcome to Jyoti’s Consulting

Welcome to Jyoti’s Consulting

Our belief is in  “Engineering is Optimisation”.

Carrying out engineering work in itself is not a much rewarding career, but doing justice to it is. A simple design work can be more appropriate for reliability, and cost effectiveness than a highly complex advanced design – with associated operational and maintenance issues. Of course, work always has to be performed within the constraints of the Client, Site, Local Regulations and Safety of the people and properties.

Our services are utilized by Oil and Gas & other Process Industries during their planning and development phase of oil and gas projects.  From conceptual design definition and construction and into operation, Jyoti’s Consulting provides the clever and innovative thinking needed to maximize the return on our customers’ investment.

Jyoti’s Consulting’s help in building Oil & gas facilities, Tank farms, Jetties Topsides, Utilities supply and selection and procurement of various Static and Rotating Equipment therein utilized in these facilities; is well appreciated in the Industry and we have many repeat Clients, with long term relationships.

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  1. Vamsi Krishna.

    Dear Sir,

    Content in the home page looks perfect, having good content with short description.

  2. Ravi Gulati

    A brilliant endeavour to spread knowledge. Congrats for the website.

  3. Anand Joshi


    Your website looks good. I could help in marketing it. Please respond.

    Best …

  4. Deema Consultants

    A very user friendly website. We will keep you in our records in case we need ur expertise.

  5. Deepak Malatpure

    I liked your website.

    Your area of expertize will certainly help generate more profits for hydrocarbon and process industry.

    Would like to be in touch.

  6. Siddhartha Mazumdar

    Congratulation Jyoti. Your years of experience in Oil & Gas will be greatly beneficial to the Industry. I had the privilege to work with you in Horizon Singapore Terminal a USD 400 Million in the year 2005 to 2006 and your vast Engineering knowledge is the testimony of the Terminal working so efficiently to date. Your knowledge of working in major Consulting firms and the big contracting company has provided you with immense insights into how to efficiently build a terminal from the grass-root level. My best wishes to you and will reach out if I need any assistance in the Middle east.

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